Monday, February 7, 2011


So, we used the OV Watch this month and fertile days were detected. So now I just have to wait and wait and wait to see if it worked.

I also got a wonderful gift from a dear friend. She got me an African fertility doll. So sweet! I am finding the more that I talk about (or blog about) what is going on with those I trust, the more support I have been getting. So many people have similar issues and it is great to hear what these amazingly strong women have been through in order to have their babies.

With this waiting I have had time to be introspective, more so than usual. I am really trying to reduce my stress and it feels really good to just let certain things go that usually drive me crazy. I am taking time to breathe, taking time to analyze why I do the things that I do, and beginning to make time to do things that I love. I am worrying less and giving myself a break more. Instead of not saying things that bother me and letting them fester, I am learning to be more assertive and ask for what I need. Then the stress lessens or halts completely. I am pretty proud of myself :). Ahhhh, it feels gooood!

What do you do to relax? I am open to suggestions to distract me from the wait. Tick...tock...

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  1. Good for you - the less stress, the better! I am a fan of hot baths, good books and cups of tea, and walks/visits to the dog park with my dog and baby..these all help reduce my stress. Best wishes during this time.