Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Have an Issue and I Need a Tissue

One of my students once said that to another student. I had to laugh. Too funny!

What is not wrong with me really? I have never claimed to be normal. I have always kind of danced to my own beat and appreciated my own humor. That is just me.

As far as my fertility, I have a few problems.

  1. I have a small benign tumor on my pituitary gland. It secretes too much of a hormone called prolactin. I have known about this for 11 years. I have had meds adjusted and changed, but nothing will get my hormone level into the normal range. The hormone imbalance causes me to have irregular or absent periods. The good news is that the tumor is so small that it is undetectable on an MRI. My endocrinologists have always tried to have me tolerate enough medicine to regulate my system. However, I am still not getting regular periods. At this time, I am changing medicines after I get the results of a blood test I had on Thursday. The only reason I am on the current medicine is because it was thought to be safer than the other when trying to conceive. Further studies have shown that the 1st medicine is safer than doctors thought. Since my body responded better to the 1st medicine, I will most likely switch back to that.
  2. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was diagnosed in April during the 1st visit to the fertility clinic. This also messes with my hormones and causes me to have high androgen levels, which in turn causes irregular menses. Do we see a trend here? People with PCOS can also be insulin resistant. I am not. I cannot take anything for the PCOS while trying to conceive. It is often treated with birth control pills.
  3. I have a slightly under active thyroid. This diagnosis occurred 3 months ago. I am on a very low dose to regulate my thyroid function. My endocrinologist said that being on thyroid medicine may give me just the boost I need to get pregnant. One can hope.

What now?

The reproductive endocrinologist at the fertility clinic gave me lots of options in April (acupuncture, nutritionist, lose weight to spontaneously regain menses and ovulation, Clomid- a drug to force ovulation). Up until now, I have chosen the natural route. Can you blame me? I take enough medicine! I saw a nutritionist who specializes in PCOS. I am working with a personal trainer, which is super expensive, but we are viewing the expense as necessary for our ultimate goal. I love working out with her. She is amazing and I am getting so strong! I have lost 14 lbs very slowly. Yay me! I also see an acupuncturist who specializes in fertility. She is great too! But still no baby.

So, I guess it is time to start Clomid. I turned 34 last month, so it is time.

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  1. ahhh...clomid! We are fast friends, clomid and I! Let me know if and when you decide to try this and I will share my experiences with you...smooches my friend!

    Katy Oz