Monday, November 15, 2010

The Stick

For those of you who have not tried to get pregnant and use an ovulation kit, this is how they work. Usually, you buy a pack of sticks and pee on a stick for 7 days mid cycle to find when you have an LH surge which indicates ovulation. The 7 pack doesn't work for me.

How often do I pee on a stick? Lately, everyday single day. Jealous? Since I can't figure out when I am ovulating, I bought an ovulation kit with 20 sticks. I started on day 5 of my cycle and I am on stick #16, no ovulation yet. I hate those sticks. They never show me what I want to see. Stupid sticks, stupid body. I tried to chart my basal body temperature. That was even worse. Everyday I would turn off my alarm, stick a thermometer in my mouth and wait to hear the beep indicating I could finally get up and use the restroom. The temperatures did not show the typical trend, surprise surprise. So I pee, and I hope every morning that I will ovulate. And I am disappointed every morning. How do you start your day?

I am pretty good at shaking it off and starting my day on a positive note. At least I try. It is getting harder lately.

When I got home today, I had a message from my doctor's office about my blood test. Of course I can't get the info until tomorrow because they are closed now. The results won't mean that much, just tell me if the meds for my thyroid are working or if I need an adjustment. I will have to remind them that the doc, who is on maternity leave, wants to change my meds for prolactin now too. You read correctly, maternity leave. How dare she? Well, I remember that the meds I will be changing to have fewer side effects and I will take fewer pills. Instead of 3 twice a day, I will take one, 4 times a week. That will be nice. I don't like being so dizzy and taking so many pills. They bother my stomach and give me the worst acid reflux. Hopefully that will get better too. I feel like an old lady, talking about my meds.


  1. In lieu of constantly buying sticks...have you looked at the OV watch? it's expensive, but for us grrls whose ovulation is unpredictable at best (what? day 8?....wait, day 37?....), the OV watch is great. And it gives you a 5 day window, instead of the sticks' 2-3 days. Just my $0.02. My friend Brenda "just" (not "just" to her) had PCOS and got pregnant the first month she used the OV watch. Her LH surge was mis-timed with ovulation, so the sticks never worked, and she was always a day late getting busy! I never got a chance to use it, but it might be a good investment.

  2. I did not know there was such a thing. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I will be searching for them right this moment. You are the best Kate!

  3. I hate those sticks too...stopped using them after frustration. It does sound simple enough...but I always felt like I didn't know what I was doing - and I HATE that feeling! An OV watch? That sounds more like it!