Saturday, November 20, 2010

Such a Good Day!

Today has been fabulous! I got my hair cut and colored by my wonderful stylist. She makes the visits so fun and relaxing and she has been through it all with trying to concieve her 3 year old and the one on the way. She is a wealth of info and always makes me feel better as I leave.

Then I went into Bellevue to do some shopping and get Digby his favorite treats. While we were there, Jeremy was wearing a Syracuse sweatshirt. We heard a gal say, "Syracuse," so we stopped to chat. She and her husband grew up in Syracuse and her family lives 3 streets down from mine. They own the local Chinese take-out place that I have ordered from more times than I can count. She even went to my high school. I am assuming she graduated after me. They looked young. The couple also went to RIT, where Jeremy went to college. We would have exchanged info, but they are moving to Boston. We also shared how people always say to us, "You're from NY? You don't have an accent." FYI, people from the city and Long Island (Lawn Guyland) have accents, not people from way upstate like us. Small World!

Then, on our way out of the mall, Jeremy ran into his previous boss who had 2 extra tickets to a private showing of Harry Potter. He offered those babies to us and we accepted. It was great!

Then, when I got home, I saw that Lisa passed along my blog and now I have way more readers and even some followers. Big hugs for Lisa! I feel so grateful and lucky too! Thanks for reading and passing this blog along!! Now that I have more of an audience, I am certainly feeling the support and the love.


  1. Just found your blog through a young lady named brittany, i believe. she thought you may need support from this blogging community. As someone who went through all the infertility stuff, way back when, I wish i had known "anyone" who was going through what I was. I really do believe that if someone 'wants' to be a mom, they will be! Both me AND my husband had infertility issues so that was very frustrating. We had IVF and had a baby boy, then adopted. The stress of all those procedures was a bit much so we decided adoption was more for us. I am praying for ya' and I know it will happen.


  2. Hello! I also found your blog through brittany. Sounds like it has been a long hard painful road so far in your journey:( So excited to follow you, and encourage you along the way to the baby I just know I'll be reading about in the future!!!

    I agree with Kelly's statement-"I really do believe that if someone 'wants' to be a mom, they will be!"

    We did IVF/ICSI and have 1 little miracle after 2 canceled cycles before the successful one. Going back in Jan. to do a FET to try for baby #2. If we're NOT succussful after using all of our frozen embryos(we have 3) we are seriously thinking about adopting because I just don't think I'm up to doing a full IVF cycle again. We definitely want at least one more child, and it helps to remind myself of our family moto when things go wrong or is just hard. Which is- NEVER GIVE UP!

    I Love your Blog name by the way;) I will be keeping you in my Prayers!


  3. Thanks so much Hannah! So, why are IVF cycles canceled? I am so new to this and I have heard that IVF is quite a process. Please explain. Thanks!!